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Why WeChat is Essential For Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

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The Chinese social media space has been moving at a hectic pace in the last couple of years. WeChat has been gaining immense popularity in China and some other countries. WeChat mini-programs are on the rise and offer immense value for companies in the hospitality industry.

WeChat mini-programs are essentially sub-applications that exist within WeChat’s primary interface. They provide advanced features such as ecommerce, task management, coupons, search, and booking services.

Previously, it was not possible to put hyperlinks into WeChat articles of Subscription accounts. WeChat was clearly trying to keep user activity contained inside the APP, but it obviously had its downsides. Mini-programs have created a way to solve this disjointed user experience that limited user conversion. Because brands can now link from WeChat articles directly to mini-program product or booking pages. So the mini-program effectively provides a new conversion channel. Hence conversion rates from Subscription accounts can now also be optimized and even tracked.

The hospitality industry in China is booming with increasing demand from the growing middle class, but this comes with the necessary problems. Obstacles such as hotel and venue saturation (especially in first and second tier cities), rising demands from consumers regarding quality and convenience, and rising training costs due to high turnover in staff.

For businesses operating in the hospitality industry technology is an important enabler to overcome these challenges. By digitalizing segments of their service offering, they’re able to offer a better and more convenient service to guests alongside lower overheads. In turn, this helps hotels to stay competitive as they keep guests satisfied and returning for repeat business.

One of the hottest new platforms to digitalize the experience for guests in China is WeChat mini-programs. Using this platform businesses can offer a range of useful options suitable for the hospitality industry. Features include venue selection, pricing/rates-check page, image libraries, payment options, maps, search nearby venues, loyalty program registration, bookings, games, and much more.

Getting started
Even though setting up a WeChat mini-program takes up a fraction of the resources and time needed for developing a fully-fledged native app (outside the WeChat ecosystem), the process is more involved than simply setting up a WeChat Official account from a design and development standpoint. It’s therefore vital that you do your research and select the right features to generate a higher conversion rate and ensure a slick user experience.

For most foreign brands, this is one part of the Chinese digital marketing line-up you should resist attempting on your own. Experience is key to launching an effective mini-program, and at MediaWorkz, we can help lead you through this complex and exciting path to development. Contact us to find out more.

WeChat Marketing
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If you have not considered using Baidu, or even heard of Baidu, you are missing out on a pot of gold.

WeChat Marketing
WeChat Marketing

Over the past few years, WeChat has grown tremendously to boast more than 1 billion users.