The Benefits of WeChat Marketing

WeChat Marketing

Over the past few years, WeChat has grown tremendously to boast more than 1 billion users.

Advertising on WeChat is a booming trend: the platform has a long history of protecting users and forbidding entry from advertisers, but it is now slowly opening up. This is a huge opportunity for marketers trying to advertise in China.

In terms of audience targeting, WeChat is not as effective as Baidu, where people enquiring on search engines already know what they want in mind. WeChat marketing leans towards building up awareness for a brand, making it more visible to the market.

1) Effective in building up brand awareness
As mentioned, WeChat is the largest social platform in China with over 1 billion monthly active users. You will quickly realize how embedded in the social fabric of the nation this app is after just using the app for a short period of time.

The huge potential for any business is evident, there is the potential to tap into a vast, active and largely captive audience that are highly engaged in the 'WeChat Universe'.

2) All-in-one system
WeChat is the future of social media, it merges many of the features of the world’s largest social media platforms in a simple package while incorporating every facet of day-to-day life within it.

WeChat has penetrated so many aspects of daily life that the average Chinese consumer is lost without it. From daily supermarket payments, hotel reservations and online shopping to gym membership fees, frequent flyer statuses, and supermarket discounts, everything is contained in "the one platform to rule them all."

3) Brands are highly valued on WeChat
There is a different attitude when it comes to businesses marketing themselves on WeChat and social media in general, it is typically seen as a positive thing by Chinese users who embrace capitalism as a hugely popular philosophy. Companies and brands marketing themselves in China are not deemed to be a nuisance or intrusive like it is in the West. On the contrary, they believe that companies willing to spend on ads must be reputable and reliable.

There are 3 major types of WeChat advertising:

  1. WeChat Moments Advertising
  2. WeChat banner advertising
  3. WeChat Key Opinion Leader advertising

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