6 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Baidu Ads

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If you have not considered using Baidu, or even heard of Baidu, you are missing out on a pot of gold. Baidu is the equivalent of Google (which is blocked) in China, and it is used by 90% of Chinese internet users which estimates to almost more than 700 million users. With such a huge potential audience, what better platforms to advertise other than Baidu if you are targeting Chinese consumers or leads? Moreover, there have been researches showing that Chinese consumers embrace online ads, unlike Westerners, as they believe that companies willing to spend on ads must be reputable. If you are still not convinced, here are 6 more reasons why you should be using Baidu ads:

1) Baidu is the #1 search engine in China
Baidu is indisputably still the best advertising platform in China, even with the rise of many other social media platforms and search engines. It can help businesses connect with billions of people, allowing advertisers to reach a huge base of potential customers and increase brand influence at a relatively low cost. With a 95% penetration rate, and with billions of new search queries every day, it would also mean greater visibility of your business with Baidu PPC ads.

2) Great Firewall of China means no Google allowed
Ever since the Great Firewall of China was implemented in 2010, Google has been banned and it means the accustomed usage of Google Adwords and Google Display Ads can no longer be used. The only viable options left are Chinese solutions, and it might not be such bad news after all!

3) Rapid growth of Baidu
The number of Chinese internet users is expected to grow to 1 billion in the next 2 years. Baidu has been rapidly advancing their native mobile search applications with Chinese mobile carriers, and will continue to do so in the upcoming years. Baidu is constantly putting in effort in the search market, and around 99.7% of their income comes from their online marketing and advertising services (compared to Google’s 88%). Baidu’s success is expected to carry internationally where there are no internet restrictions and Chinese users whether living or travelling overseas are expected to use Baidu as their primary search engine.

4) Lower CPC compared to Google Ads
Baidu has cheaper CPC than Google for similar search terms, on average. Within the B2B industry, it is common to find that popular search terms are usually around 25-40% of the cost of the same keywords in Google. Even though Baidu has now implemented strict payment terms with an initial deposit of USD$1000 and initial service fee of USD$142, overall cost of your advertising campaigns will most likely be less.

5) Increased difficulty for local companies to open a Baidu account
You read it right. With a barrier to entry, it is a hassle for local companies to open a Baidu account for their online ads, but it also means a great opportunity for your brand to stand out among your competitors. Most companies avoid doing Baidu ads because of the time-consuming administrative work. All services in China alike, Baidu is subjected to the laws and requirements of the Chinese government, who does not want any Tom, Dick and Harry to be allowed to advertise. This means that to get started on Baidu you’re going to need to provide a lot of paperwork and registration information of your company. There is also an approval process for ads and you will be assigned a service representative who will check on your ad content for anything that might be deemed sensitive in China. However, fret not, as it is not as difficult as you think, and hiring an experienced Baidu PPC agency will help to greatly reduce the hassle and help you get started.

6) Increased leads and conversions
Ultimately, leads and conversions are the goals of every business. Because it has better targeting capabilities, Baidu PPC is a lower-cost, higher-return option to reach a specific demographic.
Baidu PPC draws customers who have greater intention to purchase and leads to a higher conversion rate for your business, especially given the 95% penetration rate of Baidu in China.

Convinced? Does your company need assistance with advertising in China? Speak with one of marketing experts to find out how we can help.

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